Hello, it’s me again, Natalia the negligent science blogger.   The last time I posted here was April 7th, 2016 and now it’s June 7th, 2017.  If it wasn’t for my cousin creeping on my twitter page and coming across my blog, and then telling me she enjoyed reading it, I probably would have forgot writing on this was something I did.  So, for you Dana (and for the benefit of practicing my written communication skills and because sharing science on the world wide web is also a good thing) I’m going to make a solid effort to bring back the Natalia Does Science blog.

Much has changed since the last time I wrote here.  My thesis bird changed from Carolina Chickadees to Tree Swallows.  I’m no longer a real student- my coursework is done so I just need to work on getting my thesis defended.  And now I’m in the extra fun position of looking for a real job.  I could probably also write a blog dedicated to those three topics, and probably will do so in the future.  I also have a son now, he is the most handsome and hard to photograph boy in the world- I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

So my son is fish.  He’s the best son I could ever ask for and one day when I have a real job I will buy him a bigger tank (he’s in a 5 gallon) so he can explore until his heart’s content.  And I’ll probably give him a dedicated post with information about betta fish care (they don’t belong in unheated vases!!!).  With that, I’m going to end this update of my life and get to working on “real” blog posts about the birds and whatnot that I hope this blog will continue to focus around.  I’ll try to keep with a minimum of a once a week update, if I’m more ambitious (read that as have more free time) I’ll write more posts and see if I can’t get them to self publish at different times during the week.

Stay frosty!




About Natalia Maass

Current graduate student at Eastern Kentucky University (2017) pursuing a Master's of Science in Biology. Talk nerdy to me.

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